Europe Pvc

And one of the main selection criteria: "to the PVC-profile, out of which manufactured windows, was definitely out of Germany or Austria. " Where did the belief that a profile of these countries – is the best? The fact that the first window of the PVC-profile appeared in the 1950's, especially in Germany. And from there a few years later began his triumphant march across Europe and America, winning the hearts of millions of consumers. Due to its design plastic windows than traditional wood according to parameters such as heat and sound insulation, reliability, durability and ease of use. It was in Germany and Austria are still observed maximum concentration of manufacturers of pvc profiles, window fittings and equipment for the extrusion of pvc, for making glass, etc. Decades of the German manufacturers have been trendsetters, offering the market more perfect window design. So it is no surprise that it was thanks to German and Austrian producers in the mid 1990's.

was an acquaintance of Russians with the advantages of energy-efficient plastic windows. However, at present in the Russian market is quite a bit of this European profile. According to Irina Obrosova, director of "O.K.N.A. Marketing ", the share of imported pvc profile in 2009 was less than 10%. Take products through half of Europe quite unprofitable – tariff barriers and transport costs greatly increases the total cost of production. So most of the major European brands have long built their own production in Russia, which are equipped with modern imported equipment and work as the foreign, and on domestic raw materials.