Facts On The PKV Comparison

Facts for health insurance comparison who is privately, the notes when the keyword health insurance comparison. Often cheap tariffs promised are provided, but the cheaper fares, the weaker the services. The rates, which dictate the primary physician are characteristic. At closer inspection, often also providing psychotherapy or services are missing according to the schedule of fees for health practitioners. Benefits for glasses, are usually only available for a mention to take place.

The most important criteria are complex. What diff do not, is the analysis according to tariff structure. The good old single tariff system is the rough diamond of market. Although in some parties it is considered, that must have good private health insurance through a variety of fare, this assumption need not apply. If a new tariff will be suggested to you, this means: the old tariff has become so expensive that those can be sold virtually no longer. Such a development cannot be really shake up the good mood of a CEO, because while the customer thought about how he will finance the posts at the age, has a great idea the Board of his private health insurance in the getaway. Because during the walk across the fairway to hole 18, Chairman of the Board developed an ingenious strategy, namely to set up a new tariff.

At hole 19, the clubhouse, he explains his wife, yet good-humored as the new tariff will sweep the competitor from the market. It’s very simple; We take out everywhere a little performance, calculate something cheaper, and here we go. Now, the Champagne is served, then continue working. When 10 new members are won in only one age group in the first year of insurance and the loss ratio only under X % remains, Yes, then we can guarantee the post for at least 2 years. The first Havana flares up. Now, it could be that this rate is so successful, that the product cycle of 5 years is over. One is satisfied. New tariffs should at least up to the The rules relating to fees for doctors and dentists provide maximum, so that a plan meets the good name of a private health insurance. Conservative Party, such as mutual associations, wise aim a single system of of tariff, which is further strengthened with each new customer, what is ultimately characterized by stable contributions. A PKV comparison is only as good as its interpretation.