All those crops that have less than 1 day to grow only us daran 1 XP points. All those who require more time granted 2. Clear that not only need to plant those crops that grant two points, this is not necessary; because if you can imagine how it would reap as soon as you are ready you holders much more than two points, by example strawberries can be harvested every four hours on the same day. That if there is to be always attentive to the planting and harvesting, that is the way to the success of the game. Finally, quickly is necessary to construct buildings for your farm and get great benefits and experience points to level up. Save your cash to buy houses and buildings, and unlock all items available in Farmville Facebook. How to make much money on FarmVille up to here everything very well but, and money? We still need money for everything you want to do.

There to get seeds and plot, but for this we need money! If your selling the harvest control costs easily and the venderas at one higher price than you have cost, clear this. But lack get all that pile of items that can be purchased at Farmville facebook to decorate or build the farm, and will not get them without considerable sums of money. With the purchase of these items get experience points which, as already we have seen need to advance in level. So we will have to find how ded surely get enough money to buy those items. The best way to get the most productive portencial of our farm is to know that crops Perry the largest amount of money per hour. For example, strawberries for 35 coins per plot harvested and it takes 4 hours to grow. Pumpkins, it takes 8 hours and sell for 68 coins per plot. That means that, by the same area planted, you can earn 8.75 per hour, by planting strawberries, and pumpkin get 8.5 coins per hour.

This may seem like a small difference, but this can make a difference quickly. Secret! Get the value of your casechando money crops as soon as they are ready. Make sure you consider these tips when selecting seeds, and see how your bank account grows. Get more help with the game’s original Facebook cheats Farmville author and source of the article.