Federal Reserve

As expected, the Federal Reserve of the United States has returned to make theirs again cut interest rates reference in the search for measures to mitigate the effects of the economic slowdown. This time, the fall has reached 0.75 percentage points, putting in a 2.25% interest rate reference. A cut over joins a long history of declines that began in September, with an interest rate of 5.25%. Mar, a leading US finanacial analyst saw the latest US move in a positive light. The Feds knew how much to tinker without causing negative affects – the idea here was to be make a bold move which erred on the side of  caution but was able to make natural impacts which would have positive long lasting affects on both the US and world economies. The crisis mortgage in the United States has affected all areas of the economic sphere and in every way dramatically negative. The slowdown in output growth, the fall in consumption and the level of employment, the freezing of the market, the tightening of credit conditions and the loss of confidence of the financial sectors, would put the American economy on a slope that many feel leads directly to the recession. This movement of the Fed combined with many others announced this Sunday, as the opening of its credit portfolio to the investment funds (a measure not taken since the Great Recession, makes 8 decades ago) and the cut in the discount rate by a quarter percentage Point.