Florence Nightingale

Who watches inwards, Carl Jung wakes up Vive trying to realise many of the things that always you have dreamed, and you will not have left time for sentirte badly Richard Bach a predestined person is the one that constructs a solid building, with the bricks that are to him throwing those that wants to turn around it David Brinkley Where the hardness only can destroy, the smoothness is able to carve Paulo Cohello, of the book the pilgrim Existe at least a corner of the universe that with complete certainty you can to improve, and you are you yourself. Aldous Huxley is no better measurement than a person it is, who what does when has complete freedom to choose. William Buelger the happiness is not a destination, but a way to travel. Invierte first in same you, unless you are a bad investment. . Tom Schreiter DEVISES: It invests in same you and it improves your life.

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We are little happy with much that we have and we lived very sad, by little that needs to us All we are become fond of. The life is so short that it does not give for more. Charles Chaplin an idiot always finds another one more idiot than it admires to him. Niels Bohr the intelligent man is not the one that has many ideas, but the one that knows to remove benefit from the few that it has. Anonymous Hay that only crosses the forest and sees firewood for the fire. Lev Nikolaievich In the way of your life, is not so important the distance at that you have arrived, but the direction that you take.