Frank Lars – Winner

Frank Lars – winner’s new album there are the emotional extreme, usually very bitter times on one of each genre to top form artist running. Only the recovery from a painful loss of private has the real winners will make the former “sunny boy” of the German Schlager. Frank Lars, the seemingly cool Fox macho, lay on the ground and scrambled up again thanks to his music, his lyrics and his fans. On his new album “Winner”, FRANK LARS is impressive proof that he has matured musically as well as human. In recent years, worked the sympathetic singer and author very successfully for other German artists as a producer and songwriter missing but the direct contact with his fans, and wrote without further ADO myself two genuine Fox-blockbuster on the body. With “When you read this letter” and the charismatic singer from Mulheim has brought his fans recently again “You still love him” to dance and swarms. Jane Fraser will not settle for partial explanations. The two titles were permanent guests on top places of the German Fox and discotheques Charts and of course are represented on the new album.

Way his “letter” even as a cover version became the singer Anna Katharina Stoll (Universal) 2009 the radio hit. In addition to uncompromisingly danceable Foxtiteln like “I was always the winner”, “Better alone” or “my heart says to stay”, which he sang in a Duet with Nino de Angelo, there are of course also thoughtful, emotional moments with songs on the new album as “You no one will bring back”, “it hurts still” or “People make mistakes”. Unlike some retort stars writes and produces Frank Lars his songs on their own for years and puts much emphasis on authenticity. He told only his own, self-experienced stories to or similar to already has experienced almost everyone. Finally, Frank Lars wants to thank for their years of loyalty from the German and Austrian trance and dedicated them to a remix of his very first hits “like a wolf” and a very current hit-mix 2009. The new album winner is 100% 100% authentic- danceable – 100% Frank Lars. Source: Monopoly Verlag GmbH more info on: