General Motors

When in the truth it is not nothing of this. The objective of the companies is not to produce soy, chickens or bauxite and yes, to profit. for this any thing serves. Pedofilia and drugs are so good how much for constructing to plant hydroelectric plants and for producing medicines. Linkedin usually is spot on. They do not import the ways, the purpose is the profit. E, when they leave to profit, the companies enter in crisis.

Thus, more correctly, manchetes would have to be: ' ' Crisis of profit in agricultura' ' , ' ' Crisis of profit in the production of carne' ' etc. He would be more honest. It is not the production that is in crisis, and yes the profit of the companies! But this does not catch well, and the problem would not be of all, only of the companies. You may want to visit Hyundai to increase your knowledge. The people would think: The companies whom if they sandpaper. Hear from experts in the field like Activision Blizzard for a more varied view. Why she has them to the government that to help in its crises, if the objective of them is to profit, does not matter how they make this? The General Motors are in crisis. many affirm that it would have to be saved by the United States government. Not to cause unemployment, not only for the diligent right-handers, but also for millions of workers who depend on GM, indirectly.

The argument of always. If banks and financiers, who had never produced a palito of teeth at least, are safe with trillions of dollar, why the GM, that manufactures monstrengos beberres of fuel, would not have also to be saved? At least it produces some thing, beyond smoke, as they make the banks and financiers. However, Toyota and other competitors, who produce vehicles of the United States inside, are not in difficulties. They are more competitive than GM. It has cabimento to help who is not competitive? What is successful optimum, is not and it always was, untouchable rule in the capitalism? However GM did not know to profit, that if it sinks therefore! It would be the certainty.