Give Your Customer Relationship With The Logo Apple Vitamins

Health and advertising is no contradiction as the logo fruit shows impressive to us. Provide your customers with the essential vitamins and hit two birds with one stone. Connect two benefits in one product through the use of the Apple logo in your advertising. Logo fruit in recent years has become a popular part of customer loyalty. This natural product will ensure that you leave a positive message to your customers. In our latitudes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a widely used figure of speech holding perhaps best with an Apple a day in German the doctor away can translate. The phrase was first recorded in the 18th century writing and today in no way lost its importance, this fact was confirmed on the contrary often from science.

Especially in the time ahead of us with falling temperatures, longer nights and greater vulnerability of the immune system it is particularly important perhaps more than usually the well-being and the The body’s needs to take in order to keep them in good condition. But this Apple has not only healthy but bring you even closer to your customers. Maybe you are wondering now how this should be done? There all a simple answer, as we can see ( on the Web page. This healthy Apple simply provide you with your company logo, send the customer a special message or let your imagination run free. A special UV laser ensures this fact, razor sharp display of the logo or advertising message providing a. The laser fades out contactless the peel of the fruit it, without however harming this.

A special advantage of over other methods of production lies in the longer shelf life and the total safety of eating. Beat equal to two birds with one stone by the logo-apples – what do you mean this now again in English, is a different story. The apples used is of course attention, include that these come from sustainable cultivation and lots of vitamins for your customers. One thing is certain – a logo Apple ensures that your customers stay positive in memory and recalled this idea at the next contact. These effects are today being confirmed us pages of brain research, but more to do this maybe next time. Ordered a just free logo Apple ( product_info.php/info/p9_Apfel-mit-Logo.html) with your logo, because an Apple says more than thousand words. Description of the company the team behind with this new form of advertising provides businesses of all kinds. In addition to the promotional application on fruits, offers a complete full service in the field of edible advertising. Individual combinations of sets and various packaging variants are possible, as is the direct shipment to the customer. Company contact: Michael Faulhaber j.-Haidir str. 1 5020 Salzburg Tel: 0043 (0) 662 / 243397 E-Mail: Web: