Good Insulation

Isolate the home is not only an optimal resource for the winter months but a habit that must be taken throughout the year. Windows are the places of the House where most of the heat is lost, the test can be found in the temperature of its surroundings and of the glass. According to the General Secretariat of energy, a good insulation can reduce annual spending between 25% and 50%. A few good insulating Windows installation may favour the retention of temperature in winter and summer as well as providing a good acoustic insulation. If you do not want to change your Windows there are other more simple and economic practices:-closing Windows and blinds at night and open them during the day. -Keep clean Windows to allow the greater input of sunlight during the day. -Placing sheets of transparent plastic on the inside of the frames.

If on the contrary the climate of the place where the House is located is warm, there are also other methods of insulation against heat. Of this, mode will save on air conditioning. -Close Windows and curtains during the day and keep them open during the night. -Install awnings, curtains or drapes of white color that reflect the heat out of the House. -Put sheets tinted or solar light control.

In this way, it will be more subdued and to a lesser extent increase the temperature inside. Homes insulation presents many advantages from economic saving, until a greater comfort, passing through many other advantages. A thermally insulated housing allows much more pleasant at any time of the year, increasing well-being within the home. From the ecological point of view, reduce the emissions of gases such as CO2 (produced by boilers for example). Inside the houses, condensation are eliminated and improved sound insulation. Finally if you have intentions of rent or sell the House its good insulation will increase the value of the same.