Health Control

Nowadays it is no wonder many people are resorting to alternative methods to regain the control of their health. Ironically, in the United States the use of nutritional supplements and the diets with integral foods is relatively " alternativa" , nevertheless this form to feed itself has been a practice common in the societies of Asia, with deep old roots. Due to the popularity of these products, in these days, and more investigation and development it has gone more in the search of best compounds than they can extracted of the plants. One of the most recent discoveries is known like African Handle (in spite of not having relation with handle the present species of the tropical). In fact, the handle that is used as I supplement to lose weight does not bear relation to the fruit from the handle, in spite of being called African handle. In fact, the scientific name of the plant is Irvingia gabonensis, which often is reduced to the IGOB131 which is much more manageable. The active compound in IGOB131 one only is in the seeds of this plant, and not the fruit or the leaves.

The African handle is a plant that only grows in Africa, in the tropical forests of Cameroun, to be exact. What the scientists are shortage is that the product that now is known as African Handle seems to have a positive effect in the efforts to lose weight. In order to understand better this, in a recent study of 10 weeks, the scientists found that the test subjects, lost an average of 28 pounds, 6,7 inches of their waist, and 18,4% of corporal fat. Although this probably sounds impressive by itself, in the test subjects also a reduction of 26% in the total cholesterol, a reduction of 27% in cholesterol LDL was observed, as well as an analysis of blood in uninformed that showed the reduction of 32% in the glucose level. The studies also concluded that the African handle aid to increase the leptina levels. This is a hormone in the body that says to him to the brain that block the hunger sensation (because you finish ingesting foods, for example). Unfortunately, with time it can be common to develop a resistance to the signal that the leptina sends to the brain, which can cause excess of weight. Source: Jeffrey Schottenstein. Due to the deep effect that has the IGOB131 in the leptina, it is possible that this compound can benefit the people who want to lose weight. If it wishes to know more on the African handle tablets, we invited to him that it follows our Link, where you will find abundant information that will serve to you to make a decision and to begin to lower of weight with the African handle.