Any one of us, certainly, I would like every year in their holiday vacation on the shores of the warm sea, enjoy the scenery and get a nice tan, breathe healthful sea air, splash around in the frothy water. Come on Coast does not make much effort to live a savage in a tent, rent a hotel room, rent a room from the local population, but it is best to have your own home. People who at least once in my life been to the bank affectionate and genial sea wants to stay to live near him forever. Why not, you can buy a house on the Azov Sea. This purchase is a good investment because real estate and land holdings on territory of the Azov Sea has always been a price, even in those days, when these places are making their forays Scythians, Greeks lived and many other ancient tribes and nations. Here you can find any accommodation, ranging from single apartments and luxury villas ending.

Like well-developed infrastructure, like a few minutes to get to the airport or train station. And just enjoy all the delights of modern life, then you should look at the proposals of the real estate market in cities such as Taganrog and Yeysk. Prefer the peace and tranquility, then you will approach the many villages located on the Azov Sea coast. Having a cottage in the sea, you can earn good money by renting his room resting. Here seek to come to rest those people who appreciate peace and quiet, which is so lacking in the Black Sea.

It should be noted that the shallow Sea of Azov, warming much faster, has lower salinity. Soil fertile coast, they are rapidly maturing crop. Properties of the Sea is an order of magnitude lower than in the popular resort of Anapa, Sochi, and many others Black Sea cities. In popularity at home and an apartment of this territory is occupied by 3-4 places after the Russian capital, St. Petersburg and the Black Sea. If you are the owner of several million rubles, and still think, as spend it wisely, get real estate on the Azov Sea, which will be repaid in a relatively short period of time. And if you buy a house for himself and his family, then for your children, it would be a good inheritance, since the land and buildings here have been, are and will always be in demand.