How Can RSS Help Your Online Business ?

So I use RSS Feeds? How can you help with my online business? 1. Others who may share this opinion include patrick sillup. RSS lets you deliver your newsletter / message directly to the desktop of your subscribers and readers, over email. As you may have read or heard, email is not reaching many people, especially now with the CAN SPAM law in place, ISPs are filtering a lot of emails with certain subject lines in them. Imagine if you have a list of 10,000 and 20% of email does not arrive. That means 2,000 mails are not being delivered. As sales are much more to lose in this one? It is also expensive to hire the services that help you track and ensure your autoresponders / get via email. Under most conditions boston public would agree. Your readers and subscribers themselves are getting numb to the constant bombardment of emails from other parties, bear in mind that not only subscribe to your newsletter.

With RSS feeds, you can get your readers to subscribe to news feed using a newsreader software or online web service for reading RSS.This way you can ignore all spam email and up to 100% of their readers. And with some good headlines, you can bet your message is read. 2. Your site appears YAHOO within 24 hours and save $ 299 With RSS feeds, you can get your site listed in Yahoo within 24 hours and save $ 299. Yahoo is building a directory of RSS and as such, not wanting to open a “back door”, allowing people to search your site with RSS.

This secret is revealed in my multimedia e-book with video tutorials that show you how. Every day more people are discovering this secret, and I’m not sure when Yahoo will pull the plug. 3. Dominate niche market with RSS feeds can create multiple RSS feeds centered around specific keywords and submit to RSS directories. There are people who are looking for a good online content and want to read and subscribe to news channels. They may be looking for news on the keyword “cooking” for example. When someone performs a keyword search and you have your feeds around that keyword, which in turn, and get to have more subscribers when they subscribe to their news channels. 4. More subscribers, more leads, more sales. RSS give a wider scope and gain more subscribers would not have gotten otherwise. More subscribers means more customers and more sales! RSS lets your newsletter, messages, ads to be syndicated across the web, giving a wider scope that would not otherwise.

Imagine a giant octopus with unlimited tentacles stretching all over the sea looking, looking … well, with RSS feeds, you doint basically the same thing. You should submit your RSS though, to the relevant directories, otherwise noboby knows. 5. Podcasting Podcasting is the latest application of RSS feeds. Have you heard about webcast? With Webcast, you must go to the website that stores the audio file (mp3). Podcast step further. Allows you to organize MP3 audio files (such as a web cast or tele-seminar) all over the web and even allows you to download Apple’s iPod. Your potential customer and readers can listen to his message, even without being on the PC. Is not it fantastic? RSS Ride The Wave TODAY! Learn more at Brandon is Author of Multimedia Ebook “Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS.” Unleash the power of blogs and RSS feeds to promote freer trade, gain more leads and sales.