Human Resources

The process must be adhoc to the organization, the important thing is that it is a shared process, that the same locks up the enterprise strategy. He soon uses historical base, because it is his main reference, with each salesman and manager analyzes heading by heading. Ideal is to project client by client, product by product or line on watch by line. This implies a meticulous work, that each person in charge must work. Bill Phelan spoke with conviction. Thus commitment is obtained but. When to elaborate it? It is not possible to be elaborating or reviewing estimated in January or February, the experience indicates that September October is good months to work it and November is the ideal month already to count on an adopted budget. Thus you count in good time you stop to inform it.

(As long as the fiscal closing is December of every year, opposite case is due to count on a budget adopted like minimum a month before initiating the new exercise, or ideamente two months. Who participate? All the areas that hit in the business must participate, by all means the areas of Sales, Finances and Production is involved mainly. When analyzing the headings account will occur that Human Resources must participate by the subjects of hirings, dismissals or changes in the personnel. Administration by subjects of maintenances, insurances, repairs and others. If it counts on legal area, also it must contribute on the related expenses. The Chief of a main directorate or President, must involve all. Like giving pursuit him? When we drove a vehicle, each how long we watched the fuel marker? The budget is its enterprise marker, must be reviewed and be compared in monthly form, to know which are their main deviations and to take the corrective measures in time. Accumulated, quarterly, semestral ideal to monitor monthly, period.

Always comparing with previous year. This will give to a tool of control and pursuit us (that using Excel is now easier to take). They are possible or not to be reviewed? It must? They are due to reviewThe original or adopted budget is the guide and main reference, but the conditions of the market can change (similar to which it happened with budgets 2009); it must be kind and flexible before possible changes. You can mainly settle down meetings of budgetary evaluation at the end of every trimester in March, Julio and September, according to his fiscal calendar. The tools of Excel for a better handling. We do not want to stop mentioning this important tool because with her you can now count on: Scenes: To establish the pessimist, probable optimist and but? To sensitize: It can define variables keys of his budget and handle spreadsheets in which it can take different values and of evaluating and if or what if, in its budgets. Pursuit: The electronic handling allows to create copies, to take scene him bases and to handle the variations in practical form, including in graphical form. A company without budget is like a motorist who raises his automobile (full tank, perfect conditions) takes, it but it does not know where going. When we indicated to him the goal and we indicated to him as to arrive at that destiny, already it has the tool and it is its responsibility to use the best way, to save fuel, to optimize the time and all the resources. That is the objective work and of a good budget.