In people with diabetes, glucose combat is constant. Through here drugs and treatments there, everything points to try to reduce the sugar in the blood. But there are times in this fight causes other complications, and that’s when you have to start to rethink strategies. One of these complications is hypoglycemia. How does this disorder? What effects can it cause? How does solve the problem? Hypoglycemia is the condition in which the blood glucose level is low. It is common that people with diabetes hypoglycemia from treatment that continue to treat the disease. To combat diabetes, what you do is try to lower the high level of glucose in the blood, main cause of complications throughout the disease. The intention of your doctor to prescribe medications and suggest treatments is the achieve glucose to behave as it does in the body of any person who is not diabetic.

The bad news is that many times these medications and treatments cause other negative effects. If a person eats an excessive amount of a particular drug, the blood glucose can fall so much that even can even begin to notice the first symptoms of hypoglycemia. In these cases, it is very common to arise sometimes in which the body requires glucose so the subject begin failing senses and motor skills. It is essential to seek to give sugar immediately because the situation can become very serious. It may happen that hypoglycemia do feel dazed and exhausted. Although it is important to consume sugar in these cases, you must also take into account that in the event that one is exceeded, a too high level of glucose may again appear in the blood.

For this reason it always must be careful in treatment. It happens that for many diabetics is hypoglycemia which prevents them from achieving normal levels. This type of patients could reduce their levels of glucose in the blood to prevent long-term complications such as eye, kidney diseases and diseases of the nervous system diseases. However, there are other diseases lower glucose, difficult to maintain because of the threat of hypoglycemia, especially in people with type 1 diabetes who require even a level (such as cardiovascular disease). The good news is that the majority of patients recover completely from the effects of hypoglycemia.