Ilse Aigner Klosterhalfen

Share of cages soon in the mid-single-digit percentage range? Throughout Germany forecast a further marked decline in the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment. It has put itself the ambitious goal to push the share of the goods of the cage – by the year 2012 in the mid-single-digit percentage range included small group housing. “What sound a few years ago even after illusory dreams of welfare, is now getting more realistic: we have intensive talks with the food industry, and that shows amazing progressive and cooperate”, reported Mahi Klosterhalfen, Vice-President of the Foundation with the ambitious plans. Until recently it was the Foundation still almost exclusively eggs on supermarket shelves. Meanwhile also the hidden ingredients in biscuits and noodles are a topic”, so Klosterhalfen. “And: consumers are always begun in this area.” What a fast transition to eggs from alternative forms of farming usually fails, is the low availability. The less understands the animal behavior of some producers. There, a few of the so-called small group housing cling as if it were a Holy Grail.

Instead, it should better evaluate the trends in the market and invest in social progress”, says Klosterhalfen. His overt assessment with wink to Federal Minister Ilse Aigner: The cage has no future in this country. Who doesn’t know that, is their own fault.” Contact: Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment Mahi Klosterhalfen of Walker str.