Independent Community

The lagoon Socialists affirmed in addition that the virulence with which Canary Coalition has been expressed is a test that ” between the company Innova and Canary Coalicin a mere contractual relation is something more, especially when they refused to create a commission of investigation for this asunto”. We analyze previous. A political formation that allows the luxury of, still justifying the work of control of the opposition, to ask to him to which removes from its speech the calumny and the disrepute. Calumny? Calumny the one that has made the corporation from the Lagoon when inventing the legal action. And they remain so fresh, as if they had not been. And they demand the resignation of that it must control, and in spite of the accusations of the Socialist Party, nor so at least respond.

That demonstrates clearly the lie, the attempt deceit, ” everything vale” that as much they criticize. But he is not nothing surprises this action of Canary Coalition, since when being silent, it is understood that all the party supports so low and weak action of lying ones that deceives the town that maintains and pays its wages to them. This is not to be strange when they have gotten to issue by window and electronic mail a falsified decree, a municipal Law, a decree that know positively that some does not have value, according to denounced before the Court N 4, ADESEC and the Association of Traveling salesmen of the Independent Community of the Canary Islands, day 25 of February of the current year.