Interior Ministry

According to a recent statement of one of the leaders of the Interior Ministry, annually in Russia goes missing, and then searched more than 100 thousand people. Every fifth finding was not possible. Lead on missing Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, particularly active in the search for missing police structures exhibit a rare and truly resonant cases as the disappearance of five students in Krasnoyarsk. Where did they disappear According to official figures, which I was introduced to a special police department engaged in tracing missing people over 5 months of this year in St. Petersburg on the wanted list as missing in 1980 St. Petersburg, another 760 people searched by police for up to past years.

This is somewhat contrary to unofficial reports from the same cupola that rare day passes at the district police department, without the receipt of applications on one or two cases of disappearance. A rising trend in statements themselves, law enforcement officials explain the flow of migrant workers coming to work in St. Petersburg. 'A typical situation came to' illegal 'to work, the documents were taken away the employer, and with work something went wrong. Where do we find him? " said 'city' in the police department engaged in tracing people.

Search citizens at the district level carry out operative-investigative branch (ORI). The staff of these units are divided lost a few typical groups. If we discard the situation with obvious signs of criminal, then such groups of three. The first group we include the elderly and persons with various mental illnesses.