Investing Money

Let's imagine that you have a small amount of money. Let us take, for example, 100 euros per month. For example, you investiruesh 3.25 per day to under 16%, and do it every month, in other words, every day, you follow your plan. What would happen if you do not will take out the money 5 years and follow the plan? After 5 years there will be 8,000 euros, 10 years is 21 000 euros, after 15 years of 41 000 euros, after 20 years you will be 75 000 euros, after 25 years you will be 125 000 euros. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Silbermann offers on the topic.. Location is only 100 euros per month. Yes, perhaps it is not will make you rich over the 25 years, but we're talking about a simple thing you can do every day to be absolutely painless. Location of 6.5 euros a day, 200 euros a month, after 5 years – 19 000 EUR 10 years – 65 000 Euro 15 – 150 000, in 20 years -350 000, after 25 years – about million euros.

simply investing, 6.5 euros per day. Most people do not earn status, not because they do not know how to do it, but because they simply do not do it. They do not do simple everyday things that lead to wealth. The path to riches, it does not examine all types of strategies, it does not study all the ways how you can build wealth, is an example of a small tool that anyone can use and you can develop them.