Italian Court Appointment

Thursday, May 31 – appointment calendar: fix me these hairs while I hear good music next Thursday, May 31, 19 to 21 hours, Alessandro Barber prepares a different day: a live Dj accompanied by a cocktail to make your stay at the hairdresser much more enjoyable and entertaining. A new concept that combines the hair care with a stay different, unique and with much style. So will be the hair of tod@s who come to this original and inescapable appointment. Alessandro da Milano is a stylist who has over 25 years of experience in Milan, whose solutions, both for female as male hair, are known for their exquisite taste and its meticulous professional care, bringing freshness, dynamism and timeliness to the hair of their customers. Alessandro Barber, opened a new store in Seville last March and wants to revolutionize the world of hairdressing with his vision, style and experience.

Hence, this special appointment with a Dj: hairs must be something funny, both in its form and its color. Therefore, this special day with a Dj and a few cocktails, because take care of the cabellotambien can be fun, says Alessandro. In just 2 months, Alessandro Barber is already known for its style and cut fresh, with lots of movement, ideal for summer. You will have a different summer with Alessadro Barber and Italian Court. Remember, do not save your special appointment with your Hairstylist in Avenue Luis Montoto, 146 (Sevilla), on Thursday, May 31, 19 to 21 hours. This event invited all your friends.

They will be delighted with a new look to the Alessandro with very affordable prices, while enjoying a unique, original and fun session. See you!! More information: Alessandro Barber Milano Avenida Luis Montoto, 146 41005 Sevilla 954 047 596 635 757 596 author: Pilar Esteban, head of communications for Markarte ( about Alessandro Alessandro Barber has more than 25 years working with tenacity in order to always offer the best quality and styling. His constant training, starts at a prestigious school of hairdressing in Milan, where it originated, and continues in hairdressing conferences to which attends to soak up the latest trends. After achieving a flourishing business of hairdressing in Milan, reaches Seville with the aim of becoming the reference of a very particular own styling.