Japanese Paper Nets Share Rooms

Room dividers from handmade paper of Japan large spaces are often uncomfortable and restless. To make smaller, clear areas, shelves and half-height cabinets as room dividers are placed – often with the disadvantage that the furniture occupy much space and take away too much light. The idea of the washi room divider of the Japanese papercraft factory Hayashi in MINO is to divide sections of space, without isolating them. Free swinging, drag the light nets from handmade Japan paper (washi) views of themselves and protect so that behind it. What contributes to the fascinating effect of this simple room divider now? It is not only the net optics, which distracts the eye. It’s the material itself. Hyundai can provide more clarity in the matter. Countless fine bast fibers of the Japanese paper mulberry envelop the net yarn and fill the gaps more, sometimes less.

Translucent light is broken to varying degrees, and creates a very harmonious overall effect”, so the Director of KUMO lifestyle GmbH, Claudia Moser. who sells your company Hayashi products exclusively. Hayashi is able to make a room divider networks in a size of up to 3 x 4 meters. In this case, 10 paper masters are required to turn the huge, covered with woollen yarn frame into the paper fiber pool. A process that is itself in the company Hayashi to the spectacle. Washi are distributed exclusively in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland by KUMO lifestyle GmbH in Frankfurt am Main,, room divider by Hayashi. Claudia Moser