Jim Rohn

So although I started to move a little in my business, it was still very slow, at first I thought it was normal that in the first months to grow slower, but that there would be a moment that was going to take off, and therefore my income would grow. However that did not happen ever, came a moment in which I caught at that pace it would take a long time to achieve the revenue than expected, and I had to change my way of doing business. It was there when I decided to invest in my training and I record at MUNMI, a University that taught me step by step everything that I needed to develop my MLM business more effectively. I started to take courses, join seminars, to apply what they have learned, my business began to advance, and since then am going of course in course, book in book, seminar seminar, always trained me, and therefore moving in my business and I never stop investing in my training. Formal education will help him live.

The self-learning will give you a fortune Jim Rohn so as I’ve proven the importance of investing in my training to advance in my business, any person who is having success in your endeavors, be sure that also highlighted his importance. Unfortunately, as I said in my article the reality of money, most people prefer to spend their money on unnecessary, and passing things that leave them nothing for their future, as for example, in alcohol, in the antrum, in a better car that already have, in a better House that already have, in more clothes, holidays, among other things. I’m not saying that it is not well occasionally spend a well deserved holiday, or a good pachanga, and suddenly give you one than another luxury, but the bad abusing these expenses and put them above investments that can leave you something to your future.