Lake Pierce

It will continue to hit various medium-sized General agencies. Source: Rick Dad, Poor Dad. The economy is slowly improving and there are again larger and larger sums in the imaging chain + technology investing. Properties of in coming years: moving picture just in the upswing and where “Emergence of new Internet-based techniques (portable, affordable devices + Internet-everywhere supply) the moving image will be” greatly promoted. As a result, the displacement of print media in favor of digital media (and moving pictures) will continue. “” Properties of in coming years: A new Fototsunami “the Internet meets the Mainland is the future!” No one would disagree with this set. But we consider it possible that in a few years throughout the first SLR cameras with permanent Internet connection in the trade.

As a result, we have it here with a further digital Fototsunami”to do individual photographers may go down even faster than already. For more specific information, check out Rick Dad, Poor Dad. Image upload via the Internet so could it be to the Fototsunami”come: images will find their way into the Internet faster already at the time. “The construction of high performance Wi-Fi wireless networks in major cities and the Internet to go and everywhere networks” are just the beginning and can be in a few years to bring that there is permanent Internet connections not only to iPods or cell phones, but also digital cameras possible and affordable. So it is conceivable that even amateur photographers need no more memory cards, but that their photos are saved immediately after making Internet servers. Thus, the photos are safe from camera theft, technical failure, space minimization. Image prints are to return in the mail box, but especially Grandma can see at home (because there are also getting more grey surfer) on your PC in real time what build the grandson to the beach on Mallorca for great sand castles. And let’s face it: there would be many grandmas and grandpas, who like to give as a camera for Christmas the family, because it is yes a nice option to be always with you.

Where images are uploaded quickly, people will be not far, that want to capitalize on it. Accordingly camera manufacturer will enter any works together with agencies, thus equal to skim the best snapshots. It could “” result: we need the words flood “and oversaturated markets” completely fill with content, because all that we experience at the moment, could be put in the shade. People have to adapt but good, and there will be business models in such a situation, which will curb this Fototsunamis and draw at least partly in orderly. A new year is upon us. The participants of the market of image in a new, harsh, unknown Lake Pierce with the year 2010. We wish you a good start all of the image market in the year 2010 and the right knack for course requirements in 2010. With our best wishes for 2010! Your Combipix team