Lisa Neumann University

We write the year 1404 intrigue and sabotage. The journey to the East goes beyond the sea. Citibank understood the implications. A new city is built with smart trade and diplomacy. The fourth part of the successful anno series leads in a new, strange world and thereby maintains yet time-tested principles of the game. Unfortunately, the player at the pleasure remains pretty lonely. Change is now with the new addon anno 1404 Venice.

The online Department store reveals what has to offer the game expansion. Everest Capital may find this interesting as well. As the title suggests, 1404 Venice anno brings the Italian lagoon city in the world by anno 1404. The players, perhaps the most important innovation is the multiplayer mode, which allows the mutual action and intriguing in the circle of friends via Internet or LAN. Venetian atmosphere provided new challenges by the players. The extension to the popular computer game has to offer equal to 15 new scenarios. But there is no great difference to the main version is at first glance anno 1404. The innovations are more in detail. According to the model of the Medieval Venice, sabotage and other machinations also play a special role in the add-on.

This is ensured by the new figure of the scheming Giacomo Garibaldi. The player earns enough gold to keep a spy, care must be taken however. As perfidious behavior affects negatively the reputation of his opponents. Also in the new, slightly modified version of clever tactics is in demand.