Low Investment

Is it possible to make with little effort in Paraguay a small fortune? -More than 100prozent return after 3 years? We can answer these questions with \”Yes\”. Increasingly be more and more requests to investment opportunities in Paraguay. Acquisition of real estate and reforestation are the most frequently asked questions in the first place. But what projects should you invest in? When to first funds be distributed? How often will funds be distributed? Every 15 years, every 7 years, every five years or every year, and the umpteenth year? You should lease land or should you buy land for investment? After what period of time should the used Investionsgelder be in their own wallets? Investors put special emphasis on dividends in a very short time. This can be accomplished.

With the right approach succeeds in already after 3 to 4 years to obtain distributions and from the 3rd year it has again generated the Investitisonsgelder. After the 5th year at the latest. The possibilities in Paraguay by plantings of particularly valuable Einormen profit product goods are known even today still only individual insiders. This gain is however cannot be achieved by normal planting of easier reforestation ideas. These plants grow only in a few areas of the world.

In some areas of Paraguay, in the Department of Guaira, in particularly, the ground for this is particularly suitable, so that these trees very well gedeien and thereby bring a higher yield of fruit than in other countries of the world. The secret lies in the climate and very fertile and aqueous floor. This an ER day can be achieved by the precious fruits, which are sold worldwide of 25.000.-euros at an investment of 11.000.-euros in 3 years for 1 hectare + every other year or longer because the trees have reached already a maximalere size and the fruits provide the capital – 10 kg per tree and more.