Marketing Lessons

The ninth season of American Idol ended and the 24-year-old Lee DeWyze from Mt. Prospect was chosen as the winner of more than 100,000 applicants. In contrast to two similar programs, culminating most recently in Sri Lanka, the singer, who competed against Lee, could not beat him in the ranking interactive tv show America. The second hour of the show watched 24.2 million viewers, more than the total population of Sri Lanka. The success of American Idol and the secret of the popularity of nine-year while maintaining a high rating is to apply the right marketing strategies.

Some of these strategies were successfully implemented in the Sirasa Super Star and Derana Dream Star. I would like to stress one important factor in the success of American Idol, which has revolutionized the format television programs and is the same theory applies to the success of any brand. The secret to involve in creating interest and participation of the target audience. Despite criticism of the use of sms to determine the winner of this method increased audience participation in choosing the winner in a great extent. In the era of Web 2.0, which makes it valuable message the audience, text messages take the audience into the show all the great part, and the target audience, in the final After all, plays a decisive role in choosing the winner. If the judging will take all decisions for the audience, the audience becomes a passive observer, who can not in any way affect the outcome of the event.

Viewers who are simply watching tv, thinking what will happen, then suddenly have the right to vote and to make a decision. Winning or losing opponent – now it's your contribution to your phone in your hand in the final result. Young generation, who always wanted to be active, find it very attractive. Format instantly became popular and attracted followers around the world. The question that really can happen is a matter of fact, how to engage your customers more and more involved in your product or service? It's important for you to allow your customers to share their feelings, leave comments, feedback, and interact more with your brand. Obviously, the reduction of barriers and the rapid increase in the sources of information allow customers to switch from brand to brand, and most audiences do not show loyalty to one and the same brand all the time. Increased involvement will increase brand loyalty. Participation is not in itself give you continued success. It is extremely important for you to have a product that is constantly being improved and more consistent with the needs of customers than products of your competitors. Involvement of customers will promote their attachment to the brand and not allow them to switch to another brand. Original – A Marketing Lesson from 'American Idol'