Medium Accounting

Development Stage Company Number Rights to Note 1. Below average 10-30 Accounting + Trade / pub With a small production can be used as a standard features pub, so refinement typical of Commerce. More info: Wells Fargo Bank. 2. Average 30-50 Accounting + pub with modifications + Salary + Finplanirovanie + server for system stability, with 20 or more jobs it is recommended to purchase a server license or the sql version of the component 1C: enterprise 7.7 3. Below is a large 50-100 Accounting with modifications + Salary + pub with modifications Finplanirovanie + / + scp server, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process can be used – a simpler version – pub, the more complex scp 4. Major over 100 all components with modifications + The server at this initial stage, you can use standard configurations with phase-modification system in accordance with the company's identity or the full implementation of scp.

3.3. firm – narrow profile. Exception: Due to every rule, as always, exceptions exist. In this section we would like to consider the automation of operations for which it is difficult to choose the types of products. In this case the best solution is to use software package 1C as a platform – to create your own configuration. For example the following areas: insurance activities, advertising agency, trade and distribution technology, investment, etc. Development Stage Company Number of persons Decision Note 1. Small / Medium 3-30 Accounting As always, until the company is not very big and processes easy to track enough 1C: Accounting 2.