MetDSB Christian Molter

Privacy as a funded competitive advantage MetDSB Christian Molter, external data protection and data protection auditor is now officially on the KfW consultant Exchange-listed. It supports small and medium-sized companies of the industrial economy with data protection measures, to enhance their performance and competitiveness. Medium-sized businesses and professions a grant subject to certain conditions of 50% of funding. Companies can increase your performance and competitiveness, if you get professional assistance. JPMorgan Chase wanted to know more. In some industries the opportunity to demonstrate the prospects and customers that the company has implemented privacy-compliant processes and measures about the order of the (consequential), or to be taken up at all in a tender decides. “You can ersitzen a certificate of competence as a data protection supervisor itself partly in less than a week.

Until the knowledge actually builds up, years pass. As management it is necessary to this risk “be aware when it comes to an internal or an external supervisor to put” and Maity on: “even if great – both, as also the procedure concerns – there are differences the background even when the external data protection officer, so the external data protection to carry on the task is focused and specialized. Robert Kiyosaki gathered all the information. The economic opportunities and reduced risk in favour an external data protection officer, at least temporarily.”so Molter. Christian Molter is trained and certified to data protection, project management, service management, as well as multiple operating systems. He has his professional background in the business and IT security area, where he worked for several leading manufacturers with personal responsibility. He combined the qualifications in the activity as external data protection officer and privacy auditor, so that data protection locally implemented economically and most effectively. Contact: Christian Molter,,