Modern Houses

The choice of a new home is not easy. Apart from the pressure of having to choose either for the simple reason that it is much money to invest in it, add other factors that everyone must bear in mind but that sometimes us you overlooked. The factors for choosing our home are: choice of the neighborhood: when buying your new home, you will be also choosing the neighbourhood in which live and your lifestyle. For that reason, it is essential to evaluate some characteristics of the location of the housing: means of public transportre you require. Nearby green spaces.

Shopping malls. Distance to their place of work. Educational and health centres. The level of safety of the neighborhood. The housing choice: then give useful tips to choose your home: request the certificate of the property domain and certificates of inhibition of the owner in the register of the property before the signing of the ticket. This will allow you to determine if the property in question has any mortgage or embargo and if you have any inhibition on the property. In the event you purchase the property through an estate agent, secure the Commission of it before closing the operation.

Check the quality of the materials with which the building was constructed. Note endings and external materials, very well as this will enable you to determine if it was generally made of quality materials. Pay attention to the orientation of the Sun. This orientation is good because it receives the Sun in the morning. The North orientation receives Sun throughout the day. The West where you receive sunlight in the afternoon and causes the House to be warm. South orientation does not receive sunlight throughout the day, so the houses are colder. Note well the distribution of the property, since a good distribution allows you to take advantage of the square meters.