Moscow City Council

But the story of a taxi in Moscow has more than one hundred years. The first driver, marking his car poster notifying the provision of such services in Moscow, appeared in 1907, his example was followed by many other cab drivers, and delivery to the right place for the agreed fee in Moscow is gradually gaining momentum. Then take advantage of taxi driver could afford only the bourgeoisie. But the revolution in 1917 led the industry in decline. However, in 1924 with the adoption of Moscow City Council decision to create a park taxi, starts a new flowering of these services. Taxi driver taxi to 1926 can be used only in Moscow and Leningrad. Russian taxi fleet then consisted of several hundred machines, whereas abroad they were already thousands of them. The next step was the release of taxi flourishing domestic car GAZ-A in 1934, but a significant drawback of this car was an open body that did not allow use the machine in the winter.

The second drawback was a small luggage compartment. Taxi required, mainly to people moving from large luggage. GAZ-A could not satisfy this requirement. However, during their Release taxi fleet has increased by 6 times. Issue the following model GAZ-M1, which began production in 1936, decided some of the shortcomings the previous one. The basis of the production was taken while the popular American Ford. Among advantages include the GAZ-M1-metal body, more powerful engine, a modified frame, design, etc.

In addition, the release of this model made taxi accessible to more people. Improved, the GAZ-M20 already satisfied most of the requirements for the taxi. Start the assembly – June 1946 This car could be attributed to the number of comfort – in the cabin was located 5 people appeared heating and receiver. Chess strip along the side and the light signal began to distinguish taxis from other vehicles in 1948, many of today's citizens have all the taxi stronger association with all the familiar Volga. But few know that the era of its production began with a model of 21st in 1957 year. Subsequently improved and the appearance and internal characteristics of this car: engine power, gearbox, heating and ventilation system, etc. At the moment, is already a model GAZ-31105 Volga. Today taxi takes passengers to the risks of the private carting. A person can choose the time, place of delivery of the machine, make of car and knows in advance the cost of the trip. A book can not only taxi in Moscow, but also in any other city Russia.