Most Expensive Private Islands

$ 155 million worth most expensive house in the world. If you believe the information of Forbes, the most expensive private island does not even reach half that amount. Of course, the island is difficult to find suitable. The most famous South Pacific and the Caribbean. But the problem is that many of the island is declared national nature reserves and are not sold. Some areas of land have become private property.

But many countries, such as Philippines or Fiji, severely limit the right of private ownership of the islands. While choosing an island in mind, consider another important factor – is the climate and weather conditions. Tropical monsoons and hurricanes, during the rainy season and abundance of mosquitoes can ruin the enjoyment. Pros shopping islands are indisputable. Celebrities are not tired of the paparazzi.

A beautiful landscape, amazing scenery, hot sun, pristine beaches and turquoise ocean, wrapped in an unforgettable adventure vacation. Vatu Vara (Vatu Vara), Fiji won first place in the ranking Vatu Vara is a volcanic island with a private lagoon, surrounded by a coral reef. This makes it an ideal area for snorkeling and swimming. To get to the island only by boat, but the landscape makes it possible to build a runway. Ronda (Ronde Island), Grenada is the largest island of the Caribbean – 800 acres untouched nature, surrounded by a reef. Visibility under water about 30 meters. Its attractions include an underwater cave with walls made of quartz. Big Hans Lollik (Great Hans Lollik Island), U.S.