Three men construct a building. Somebody that is an external observer directs to them and it asks ” to them; what you are doing? First, almost without perturbing, it responds him: ” Here I am putting ladrillos” The second, rising the head and leaving to a side for a moment its activity, comments to him: ” We are constructing muro” The third party, proud of its work, affirms: ” We construct to the church of my pueblo” In this first segment we looked for: To describe and to analyze the influence of the motivation in the companies and organizations like key of the success to improve the labor atmosphere. To develop and to analyze the main theories. To specify which are the benefits of their influence. And finally to describe how it affects to the companies this labor motivation. 2. Concept of motivacin1. Majorities It exists a little while in the life of the people in which to face new challenges requires energy and to lose the fear to transform stress; to change of use, to begin a new relation, to change of city..