urgent. The needs Brooks no delay, if for example the parents both work, and an otherwise caring for the child cannot be ensured. The amount of costs for unused spare place in the initiative of the parents may be finally not inappropriate. It should be noted that scale can be not the parent contribution for a nursery place, but the high cost of subsidies for a such place in looking at investments for the equipment as well as personnel costs. About the so-called reservation of additional costs is the adequacy anyway, that isn’t about taking a special desire of the non-custodial, but the refusal of the fulfilment of the legal claim is averted with their consequences. According to the legal situation the legal right to a kindergarten place entitled to first child, as from the wording in section 24 para 1 SGB VIII and article 5 Paragraph 1 gives KitG Rhineland-Palatinate (“children are entitled to education, training and support in the kindergarten of the second years of age until the entry of the school”). Entitled as well as custodial parents according to the legal concept but of the Court’s opinion.

For promoting at the same time legally intended parents speaks of promoting purpose coming to the expression in various legal provisions. Although the “education and training” in the sense of 5 para 1 sentence 1 applies the children themselves KitG. The purpose of “service” favors the custodial, who are relieved in part in so far but at the same time. Indeed also section 24 (4) speaks of having the public youth organisations to inform parents who “want to use benefits among other things according to 24 para 1”, and to advise SGB VIII. Finally, the legislator has the goals and objectives of youth welfare planning, is responsible for ensuring that the case in question offer, SGB VIII then determined No. 4 in section 80, paragraph 2, that “Facilities and services” should be designed, that particular “mothers and fathers family and work tasks better can reconcile”. It is expressed that it would be unnatural in the face of today’s living conditions and the demographic development, to assume the legal right to a kindergarten place serve not least, the professional development of the parents and the reconciliation of professional activity the exercise of parental responsibility in the family. Parents whose place of residence municipalities cannot solve the legal right to a kindergarten place from 1 August this year should be therefore examine how some substantial claims for damages are entitled to.

A Munich firm prepared currently together with the Kita-in the respective municipalities pattern suits. Concerned parents should contact with the Kita-Verein in conjunction. The Munich lawyer and Chairman of the Kita Association Prof. Dr. Volker Thieler has already in 2012 the book the KITA lawsuit: claims by “Parents for not granting a daycare center: access – compensation reimbursement” written. There can check the parents about their rights and enforcement. The book is published in the Alexandra Publishing House.