National Curricular Lines

' ' So great task demands exmio professional, with corresponding remuneration, prestige and ability. This lacks of constant update, ahead of the propagandas of the modern world and the innovative conduction of the society and the economy (…) ' '. (DEMON, 1995, P. 95) Even so advances in the efetivao of public politics for average education in Brazil, the reality exist still this far from being the ideal. In such a way, one becomes necessary to surpass the difficulties found in this level of education, betting in the joint work and providing to the future generations better chances, not repeating errors that throughout our history had been committed. Moreover, it is imperative also to think about an overcoming of the dualidade of education. In this direction, Frigotto, Ciavatta and Ramos (cited for BRUEL, 2010, P.

188) explain: The possibility to integrate general formation and formation technique in average education, aiming at to an integral formation of the human being, is … necessary condition for the passage in direction to polytechnical average education and the overcoming of the educational dualidade for the overcoming of the dualidade of classrooms. She is necessary, therefore, that a true joint between average education and the professional education exists, what will be given for a way of double hand. It fits to the schools of average education to contemplate in its proposal pedagogical, in accordance with the local characteristics and of its clientele, excellent contents, as the National Curricular Lines of direction for Average Ensino explicitam. In a similar way, the schools of professional formation must observe which knowledge already had been acquired by the deriving pupils of average education and to use to advantage them. In such a way, a new culture of solidarity and exercise of the citizenship proposal in the lines of direction of average education will only be able to become true if the arraigados customs of an imperatively exculpatory society are substituted by a culture of conquered citizenship.