Natural Photos

Double exposure – two images taken at the same frame of film or two images printed on one sheet of photo paper. Natural Photos – pictures of people, made more often so that the subject does not know that it is removed. These pictures are usually more directly than those in which people posing in front of the lens. Natural light – it's natural light. Strictly speaking, natural light is emitted or reflected from any sources of light – from the moon to the sun. With regard to photography, natural light – is the light that is currently rented lights scene.

Source of natural light may be room lamps, fluorescent lamps, neon lamps, candles, daylight from the windows, dusky light outside or moonlight. Genre picture – it was stopped moment of life, some sort of scene, the story, but not staged, and the natural. Shutter – a plate, blind or other movable partition that manages the flow of light coming onto the film. Fill light – this is additional light from the lamp, flash or a reflector is used to mitigate (lightening), shadows or dark areas of an image created by a very bright main light. If the creation of such light is used flash, then the mode is called 'fill-flash' (fill-in flash). Highlights – a darkening of the glass negatives and photographs or color slides discoloration caused by the following factors: influence of stray light on emulsion; interaction of oxygen with the emulsion in the process of manifestation; pereproyavleniem; use film or photographic paper at the end of life; storage of film and / or photographic paper in elevated temperature and humidity.