NCl Unit

What’s convenience, the unit has its own place, and this is important, especially because the product is installed budetstoyat tripod with the electrodes. If the task is to measure the pH in field conditions, vybiraemkarmanny option. The meaning of such devices to measure the pH of the medium, as they say, “vprobirke”, in shop on the lake, in an aquarium Strictly speaking, nekotoryepribory are constructed, which really allows in ordinary chemical or biological test tube, such as Checker 1. Are there karmannyeionomery? The answer – yes! But only in the form of “, for example, Salintest-pocket meter NCl or pNa meter handheld ion natriyasootvetstvenno. Another group of pH-meters – hand-held devices. Eslikarmannye pH meters is usually the electrode and the measuring unit, say, the water body, the portable unit has a separate converter to electrodes.

By sravneniyuso stationary, portable pH meters different, relatively speaking, small size, for example, a portable pH-measuring unit 150MI imeetgabarity 190x95x55mm, stationary pH-211, respectively, 240h182h74mm and Pocket Checker 1 – 66h50h25 mm. Portable ionomer, for example, the PX-150MI pleases dimensions 190 x 95 x 55 mm, and stationary and-160MI-210h170h75mm. Portable device is convenient, if it has little space on stolelibo need to move with him. So, with the dimensions figured out, and now a major issue. – What diapazonbudem measure, and What is needed accuracy, what the error izmereniyustraivaet?