New Beginning

Berlin Branch of the military history Museum of the Bundeswehr is breaking new ground and air force soldiers have experienced the peaceful revolution and the German reunification on both sides of the iron curtain. The history exhibition has not only many sound and movie stations, where interviews can be heard with contemporary witnesses and viewed, but follow also a dramaturgical space concept. Maze, cube and cube mean: the Status quo of the cold war has been replaced by the peaceful revolution and led to a new Status quo: the back United Germany. The peaceful revolution is depicted as a time in the daily new changes were won, but no one could know for sure, where the shift led. The labyrinth built with exhibition walls in the main part of the exhibition represents also a time in which people wanted change and were looking for a way out of the current situation.

The NVA not opposed to social change and also not led him. The Changes were brought to them piece by piece and slowly prepared the soldiers to live in a democratic State: civilian substitute service was introduced. With their ID cards, the NVA members got back some of their basic civic rights. Unconditional obedience was abolished. An independent interest group was created with the Association of professional soldiers along the lines of the Bundeswehr Association. And yet, the NVA personnel was socialized differently than the soldiers of the Bundeswehr.

After the reunification, you had to pull himself together, improvise, and unify processes. In addition to those who went over to the German army by the NVA, there were many who voluntarily resigned; Some were not adopted. It was an end and a new beginning for all. And so the air force differed not so much from the rest of Germany: in the air force of the NVA there also protesters, as hesitant and system arrested. In the Bundeswehr there were many who 1990 voluntarily signed, most historical process of reunification.