Nochelin House

His parents had tried very hard to send her to study in another city. To fulfil its objective returned to his home and the same month agreed to work with Nochelin while he was a better employment. He arrived home just dropped the Sun, I take to have dinner with his family and helped his mother to wash the dishes. -Tomorrow I will start to work at home Nochelin -. Bela told his mother. -In the Nochelin House? -. The woman was a little surprised. -Yes.

Incidentally, for which this is type so bitter? In addition it seems an old man-. He returned to mock. -Because I have no idea, I do not see Nochelin ten years ago when he locked himself away in his house-. -Does ten years? Are you crazy or what? -. -Good daughter, many people said that he went crazy one day. It is a pity because it was always a great artist-. -No idea, I’ve never seen a painting of that Mr.

-It is not so Mr, mira Nochelin must have nearly forty years-. -Thirty-eight, coming to meet them-. Burst a voice in the kitchen. He was the brother of Bela. -How do you know? -. He asked Bela. -Today Mr Juan Alberto was talking of he and remembered his birthday. Did you know that he was the youngest of his friends? My father-in-law almost already depressed 1950s-. -Does your father-in-law was a friend of Nochelin?. -Clear. Even visit it from time to time also -. And ate a piece of bread. Bela came something. -You could ask him to your father-in-law about Nochelin? Why it’s so bitter and why he locked himself away? -. I was curious to know about this man. -Curiosity killed the cat-. He commented his MOM. -He is now my boss, and I want to know who he is only-.