Noel Papa Companies

Vi integrated systems that had cost millions being used of form imcompetent person. Vi enormous wastefulnesses being generated systematically with losses of millions. Normally, for it brings of situations as these, were controlling and managing imcompetent people. Pssimos managing always more is worried in if to keep in the positions that occupy, of what in galgar superior position, since, in the soul, them they have conscience of its limitations. They are happy for having fond where they had arrived, they are not little worried none in developing people and leading with ability and respect its collaborators. Executives as these confuse the environment, generate discredit to the controllers of the company, that no matter how hard they strengthen themselves, do not obtain to make with that practical modern of management and leadership do not pass only of speech. Exactly with everything this and, some of them do not continue in activity, if it is that if it can call activity what they make, and many times arrive until the being promoted. However, the space for this type of professional is each more restricted time. Nowadays, even though familiar companies, companies who are estrando in the market and also traditional companies, are each time worried in the use of techniques that are had as ' ' benchmark ' ' the world-wide level. Then I ask as it is possible still to find this type of people in important positions and counting on support of its superiors? The conclusion that I arrived is that this was a gift of Noel Papa, and consequently that PAPA NOEL still exists for some of these! However, if you want to be a leader in fact and to have a success career, does not wait for a gift of Noel Papa, goes the fight, since the market is always receptive the good professionals, where the adequate ability, seriousness and position is what it counts.