Nutritional Research Sugar

A recent study published in the journal "Endocrinology" allows you to draw conclusions that a diet high in sugar can cause serious damage to the reproductive system of the future daughters. Researchers at the University of New Zealand in Auckland revealed regularity at which the greatest threat to the excess sugar in the diet of pregnant women is to form a girls' – for the sons of this risk appears not so vividly. At the same time in utero formation of the mechanisms of assimilation violated a number of nutrients. Of course, these conclusions apply only to those cases where the pregnant woman is present sweet tooth, exceeding the natural rate of sugar consumption. Mark Vickers, PhD, University of Auckland in New Zealand, as well as his fellow dietitians conducted an experiment in which the pregnant female laboratory rats get rich sugar diet, including consumption of honey, fruits and vegetables. Sugar diet led to the fact that structural changes took place in the placenta, ay females evolved obesity. The problem of nutrition during pregnancy complicated by the fact that there hormonal taste perversion, which often deceive women by encouraging a more sweet, sour, or beef.

In any case, the diet must be maintained in such a way to health, such as pregnant and her unborn child did not suffer. Dr Mark Vickers argues that the study highlighted not only the importance of healthy eating for pregnant women, but also enabled us to establish dependence of growth of infant morbidity and an increase in sugar consumption. "In recent years we have seen marked growth in consumption of natural sugar, all kinds of sweeteners in the food and beverage. Is especially true among women of reproductive age – their diet and eating habits affect the health of future children. It is a pity that not many feel a degree of responsibility that really exists. " Study co-author added, that not only such changes projected daughters accompany the sweet tooth: a long-term effects are manifested in the fact that girls as they get older there are abnormalities in the formation and development of the reproductive system. Nutritionist and researcher Deborah Sloboda, co-author of the study, recommends that women be attentive to their diet before and during pregnancy, as well as in breast-feeding – that's when a woman has an impact on what will be her grandsons or not.