Orell Fussli

Customers such as good employees are quickly flee. The course of a meeting is all in meetings to numbers, data, facts, processes and projects. Himself with himself self-dealing with is on the agenda. Customers on the agenda? Nil! That can be changed easily. The first item of the agenda could henceforth be: the customer speaks. And then they reported about success stories.

Because stories, one inside the company, will go outward. If you would like to know more about Wells Fargo Bank, then click here. So, tell the stories that they tell about you. Talk about results, not problems! All are attracted by a winner image: investors, the media, the employees and the customers. Following question also belongs on each meeting agenda: how to tell our customers that we swing not only speeches but actually leaving us in the first place? “From the prefabricated house manufacturer town & country sits symbolically to a customer with at the meeting table: a life-sized doll named Uschi.” And always,. when decisions must be made, is asked what Uschi would say: what critical comments would you? And what suggestions? What would going to be different? How could be made it so, that the customers love it? How could go there, all in the market over to talk – and actively recommend our offers? Such questions can work small miracles of sales.

The culture of regular customers shows we now when all those passing, which are responsible for the care of existing customers. Your goal could be: every time, when a customer calls, if he comes to us or we go to him, we see this as an opportunity to edit his concern in a such an inspiring manner, that he has every reason to buy again and good to talk about. Overall my experience however is that in the existing customers care much too much just by default is handled, without specifically looking for further opportunities to. Try it but instead of the usual we had there “doing time with the Amazon method, and: customers, the” Product x bought y purchased product. This is just one way of many. Together with your employees, look for other ideas. And so that longtime customers do not feel that it’s all about the sell, you get a pure thank you from time to time. That sounds for example: Dear customer, today is our thank you day. Therefore, we want to say thank you that you are now already since our customer. Our joy is great, and so we have something for you.