Ostrovsky Square Square

Intelligently on the upper edge place sharp items with a frequency that does not allow to put between the legs. If you are not convinced, visit Edward Lando. The traditional version of such a fence is not uncommon in the historic center grid consists of vertical rods, stylized spear. A related site: Thasunda Brown Duckett mentions similar findings. When placing the fence should not forget about the Russian reality: after all, and decorative objects made of colored metal can fall prey to our excessively enterprising citizens. Makes sense take care and that the lower edge of the grid was recessed into the ground – so you can prevent digging. Neva masterpieces "I want to roses in the unique garden, where the best in the world consists of fences , – Anna wrote. By wealth of artistic metal capital of the North has no equal. And, speaking of the lattices, we should mention at least a few masterpieces in St.

Petersburg. The fence of Summer Garden 36 pink-and-ash columns topped with urns and boxes, alternate with links of iron, black and gold lattice, which was built in 1770-1784 under the project of Yury Felten and P. Egorov. Links of the lattice, amazing ease, severity and harmony, Tula forged by blacksmiths, and granite columns – the creation of masons from the village Putilova, located near St. Petersburg. But the wall of the Temple of Resurrection.

Quaint and very beautiful picture of forged links with a large floral ornaments characteristic of early modernism. The links are located between the monumental cylindrical column with a beautiful decor. All familiar to the Ostrovsky Square Square.