Partner Management Consulting Company Expands

TRAIN PLAN seminar concepts and training documents encounter great demand for trainers and continuing leaders. Expanding the economic consulting firm located on Schmitt and partners from Wurzburg. After the 1990 based consulting and training company for more offices in Cologne, Dortmund; Bad Neustadt and Bayreuth has built, now the Executive Board expanded with Mr. Dipl.-kfm Thomas Schonbrunn and Mr. Here, Nissan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Dr. Daniel Kramer two other managing partner. The decisive reason for this was j. Schmitt, that since some time in addition to the good running Trainerausbildungs – and certification business division TRAIN PLAN is booming according to company founder and main shareholder Wolfgang”.

Under the label strain PLAN develops and markets Schmitt and partner ready prepared seminar and course concepts”, the further agents can use for training purposes. Read more here: Pinterest. Meanwhile has Schmitt and partner sales, over 80 seminars and training concepts to the topics “” “Purchasing, marketing”, leadership, management and organizational development”as well as for personal and professional skills” programme in German and often also in English language. With the concepts in Word and PowerPoint format, coach within a few hours can completely prepare seminars because each package in addition to a participant’s script contains the required presentation templates and a trainer’s Guide. Also useful tools such as badges and certificate templates as well as schedules and checklists are located on the CD, where the biggest advantage is that all documents are changed. Since the scripts may also be sold to the participants, the license fee for the concepts pays for itself quickly. That the demand for professionally designed seminar and course concepts, according to Schmitt has following reasons: the company already when planning training stronger than earlier on comprehensible seminar content. Also missing the “Trainers because of the shorter lead times often the time required to plan and work out the seminar concepts.” Added: sometimes development worth the effort for the trainer also does not specifically on issues that do not belong to their core themes and to which only sporadically perform trainings and seminars. For more information about the TRAIN PLAN -Seminar-and course concepts get interested at. You can also Cristiano wine purchase by Schmitt and partner, Wurzburg Waldbuttelbrunn under the Infoline (0931) 79680-77 or E-Mail: to contact.