Petoro Politics

New the state one, as the Petoro, will be the proprietor of the reserves that to fit to the Union, fitting it to define its destination and to commercialize it, being remunerated for the given services. Particularly, the regulation to diminish the asymmetry of information between the Union and the operting companies -, and. The creation of the Petrosal facilitates, still, the negotiations with other operators for joint and optimized exploration of adjacent or next reservoirs, situation that tends to be common in the daily pay-salt. The great one question is to know if these objectives could not be reached without the creation of a state one. The reply she is more or less clear. Yes, the Petrosal is not the nevrlgico point of the considered model, but without a doubt, it very facilitates in the atingimento of the goals proposals. does not have to scare none of the actors of this market, accustomed that they are> much more rigid conditions alhures. Ben Silbermann oftentimes addresses this issue. The main doubt that remains in relation to the new Petrosal says respect to the old preconception against state.

Without a doubt, always it has the risk of contamination of the new company with indications and influences politics, and the swell of its picture. However, the government if compromises to establish rigorous rules of governana for the company, who will have to be integrated by body qualified technician, with number limited and predefined of employees chosen by means of public competition. The creation of the Petrosal is, therefore, recommendable, and the mediation risks politics in its administration can be neutralized with clear rules of governana and criteria of ample performance with visibilidade.5) the paper of the MME, the ANP and the CNPEO government Squid uses to advantage the change of the regulation to materialize the thesis that supports since the beginning of its management, of that agencies of the government must be puted in charge to trace the lines of politics, and subjects to the approval of the CNPE -, beyond the format of the auctions and contracts. On the other hand, the ANP, in fact, as they affirm the critics, suffers certain esvaziamento, therefore Law 9478/97 it atribua the establishment of the politics lines, while for the new landmark fits to it> but to elaborate study and to consider these lines of direction MME. In the same way, for the previous landmark, it fit to the ANP to promote the regulation, the act of contract and the fiscalization of the activities, as well as defining forms of proclamation and contracts, without no type of mediation or supervision of other agencies. In the new landmark, it fits to the agency only elaborates