If a sport or exercise is an important part of your daily life, then the sport injuries certainly can alter your routine. When you increase of weight due to your condition, the injury also ends up affecting negatively your emotional health. If you have suffered a sport injury recently, are some things that Can make to prevent the increase of weight while you recover. It remains outside the sofa To have a sport injury can become the perfect excuse for convertirte in an addict one to the television easily. After all, the injury prevents you to make your training habitual.

Probably also they have advised to you that the sufficient thing rests to accelerate your recovery. Before DES tells you, you are spending most of your time in front of the screen, eating your favorite sandwiches. The fact that a sport injury does not allow you to make your habitual activities physical it does not mean that you must volverte sedentary. (A valuable related resource: patrick dwyer merrill lynch). The investigation has demonstrated that the people who take a sedentary life are much more prone to raise of weight that those that only watch per short periods of time. If you wish to avoid to raise of weight after a sport injury, to be outside the sofa is first that you must do. To make exercises of low impact because you have a sport injury does not only mean that you do not allow yourself to make any type of exercise. These exercises will not exert a pressure in your body like the regular exercises.

The exercises of low impact are recommended for the people majors, embarrassed women, people with overweight and the people who suffer of chronic pain. The exercises of low impact also are common between the patients with sport injuries. A type of exercise of low impact that you can enjoy is to run in the water. To run in the water normally is made in a swimming pool with water until the waist. If you wish more flexibility, also you can use the flotation gears and the shoes of flotation. Although to work in the water it prevents perspiration you, it continues being important that you stay hydrated, so asegrate to drink much water. Other exercises of low impact that you can try are the Pilates and yoga. Another common cause of the increase of weight between the patients with sport injuries takes care of your diet is to eat for emotional reasons and to eat in excess, so asegrate of fijarte well what you eat. A sport injury can bring about negative feelings like the boredom, the depression and stress. These emotions can conducirte eat better for sentirte. Eating emotionally can do that I little reach the healthful foods and that they get fat. Also it will make you eat more of the due thing. Instead of to yield to the temptation, it uses the time of your recovery to learn how you can make your diet more healthful. Asegrate that your diet contains a pile of proteins, since he is essential for the recovery of injuries. The thin meats and fruits droughts are a great protein source. It tries to avoid greasy foods like pies, candies, fast food, chipses and other made appetizers. Also it can break your meals in a maximum of six small portions to day to prevent attacks with hunger. There are no excuses although you have an active injury for mantenerte, can maintain your weight and also to lower of weight if you take to hills some sport injury, is only question of organizarte.