Pinball With Brains: Dolphin Stick EMTEC

The data swimmer new animal EMTEC-USB-Mainz-Kastel – EMTEC opened now even an aquarium in his Zoo. Now, a dolphin in the pool of specialists for storage solutions turns its rounds. But don’t worry, he will soon still get the friendly society and only four inches large marine mammals fits perfectly in your pocket and accompanied thus anywhere his owner not only in the oceans. Pinball hunts either 2, 4 or 8 GB of data feed. This takes it with a write speed of up to 7 MB / s to and discharges it again with up to 24 MB / s. Mounting of the dolphin safe thanks to the supplied chain is no danger that the intelligent sea mammals of them floats.

So that it can be mounted on your keychain, a bag, or even on your mobile phone? If the stick to the computer is also fin and head of the water artists can be connected. Thus, the loss of part is excluded here. The dolphin drive is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 and runs on all common Operating systems. In addition, EMTEC granted five-year warranty on the Flash memory. EIA dolphin drive M315 2 GB 10.99 4 GB 15.99 8 GB 27.99 Teddy so far Penguin, Panther, mouse, Panda from the animal series are available. About EMTEC, EMTEC is present in 23 countries, and can refer to a Saflex history. In addition to a strong passion for design, EMTEC relies on high quality and ease of use its products. EMTEC’s portfolio includes Flash based storage devices, multimedia hard disks and optical digital and analog media. EMTEC belongs to the French dexxon group, which sold to the trade including professional storage devices, consumables for printer (photo paper, ink cartridges) and Office Accessories.