Pluto Month

Mercury will be conducive to love, many of whom come to the decision seal their relationship marriage. In As God, he will also trade reassessment of market prices and the conclusion of fair business and trade contracts. At the same time in planetary for November this year will be a cruel month. In astrology, a maintenance of Scorpio and Pluto – his leading of the planet – is all that is associated with death, cemetery, dead, morgue, unforeseen disasters and accidents, which abruptly change our lives. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. In the period from late October to mid-November, we're all in the power of this sign, which introduces an element of surprise and stress, collisions with troubles. Traditionally it is considered that in October, we gather the fruits of our work during the year.

In this during the golden autumn, we collect "harvest" of our efforts made in the spring and summer. But in November – a month of karmic retribution, when we pay for all the mistakes and blunders year, for all the unrighteous acts which are committed in current year. This month, when the subconscious is working particularly hard. When you need to look closely for signs and listen to inner voice once again to not make any mistakes. Scorpio – is also a symbol destruction of old and new searches, so there is preparation for the new year, a new cycle, when the front of each one of us will face new challenges. In November 2009, Pluto will be especially active.