Power Inside

An Order whose requirements and beddings had been for It determined. Nissan often expresses his thoughts on the topic. at the moment, thousands of people, cliente of that the current order is defective and that will not be extended for much time are working quiet in the construction of this New. All the men are invited for the construction of this new civilization, traced for Bah' u' llh, in the following way: that these are joined by the same vision and respect the determination Of it, to form a pacific army. Bah' u' llh affirms that the construction of the new world-wide order will not be made from partisan politics, nor for revolutions, but yes, through individual and social transformation. Therefore it is emphasized that: ' ' Bah' s (those that apiam the plan of Bah' u' llh) not politicians must engage themselves in movements who lead to the sedio.

They must be interested itself for movements that lead to the law and the order of Bah' u' llh' ' .9 On the fight for the Power Inside of the Government he has following orientation: ' ' Of this enclosure for bullfighting bah' s must abstain. They cannot if filiar the political parties and do not have to enter into an alliance no faction. The partisan competition for the power is, in a direction, the subliming of the civil war, and the parties, of this form, act as armies polticos.' ' 9 the world-wide order of Bah' u' llh is an objective that we can glimpse in sketch and for which we can work. It is not one millenium magical, result of some special action economic politics or. Spiritual of the unit of the human sort is established in the concept and builds a structure in which this unit can be preserved and be developed. ' ' The land is one alone country, and the humanity its cidados' '.