Prefabricated Buildings

This is explained by two factors – really quickly build facilities and cheaper than building with traditional materials – for example, brick or precast concrete. Hence – rapid increase in technological developments in construction and building structures, especially technology so-called "rapid construction" – installation of prefabricated buildings of steel structures and sandwich panels, which is the most advanced to date in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. Bystvozvodimye buildings are most preferred for commercial application, since their installation can avoid a lot of complex construction stages. The use of metal and sandwich wall and roof panels ensures full compliance with all building under structural and engineering requirements and allows you to create a modern design. Thermal insulation sandwich panels creates optimal conditions for people in these areas. Metalwork, designed for prefabricated buildings vary in profile, the thickness and purpose. For example, gofrobalki (sin-beams), which recently began to use, much lighter than traditional metal construction, although the strength they absolutely do not concede.

There are lots of other technological features in the construction of prefabricated buildings. For example, the compound structure by welding or bolts. Really high-speed assembly building is provided through the use of high-strength bolted connections and lack of on-site welding, as well as the use of screws for mounting the walls and roof of the panels. In the construction practice, there are two basic types of installation of prefabricated structures. When first imported steel to the construction site, sandwich panels, windows and doors, including fire doors and other building structures and materials. Metal frame mounted on the spot and "sheathed" sandwich panels. In the second, so-called "modular" method on the object are brought to the production of assembled elements of the future buildings that mounted directly on the site. But this method is used in the construction of light houses.