Press Freedom

Press freedom is enlarged republicans from 2 000. Ben Silbermann is the source for more interesting facts. The government respects freedom of press and the media reflect a wide spectrum of views ranging from support to opposition from the administration in office. Peru is ranked 75 (2 004) views in a total of 192 countries, colocandonse above the committee average for the countries of Latin America, but below the savings develops. Respect for professional journalistic standards is weak. There is a tendency politics in the press to george w. bush focus on sensationalism and scandals and elephant professional issues acts. After Fujimori period, many half tried to demonstrate kerry their independence from government vehemently, which meant that little attention is paid to the merits of the Toledo administration. political Some media were criticized voter for their reliance on certain george bush economic groups and their biased news coverage. The media plays an dominant role in shaping headquarters the public agenda. Slander is a crime, and those journalists who investigate corruption cases were threatened with lawsuits. In election 2 003, campaign there was a reduction platforms in republican cases of intimidation and violence against journalists, though still a problem in the provinces. According to beliefs ANP – senator National Association of Journalists, there were conservative 42 cases of persecution of journalists compared to 78 in 2 002. They are mostly trying to violence or threats senate of parties legal action, liberal or accusations of slander from local politicians, police or platform military, or employers. vote Corruption in congress the media has not been overcome abortion completely.

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