Prevention Of Periodontal Disease

Everyone knows that all diseases of teeth and gums, usually caused by bacteria, and therefore must abide by the basic rule of prevention – a good oral hygiene. Here means not only brushing Brush 2 times a day, and flossing or floss for a thorough cleaning between the teeth. In addition, after each meal, you should rinse your teeth. According to many dentists are not only effective clean the teeth but also help strengthen teeth and gums, chewing gum. This does not mean, of course, that throughout the day to chew gum – enough for 10 minutes.

Need to buy do not contain sugar chewing gum, or apply a few times a gum. It is also recommended after a meal to chew natural deodorizing means, a piece of calamus root, or a sprig of black currant. Bleeding gums can appear not only because of their defeat by bacteria, it may be due to a number of diseases that have no relation to dentistry, such as: diabetes, anemia, leukemia, scurvy and other forms of beriberi. And such cases should also apply to the dentist, and in parallel should be treated and a specialist on the underlying disease. Proved that for healthy teeth and gums is very important not only hygiene, and proper nutrition. Food should be rich in vitamins, and carbohydrates should be limited quantity.

Especially useful is the raw hard fruits and vegetables: apples, carrots – it's not only supply the body with vitamins, but a great strengthening of gums. This strengthening of the gums is recommended to start from childhood, and for the inhabitants of megacities is particularly relevant. There are cases where gum disease begins as a result of improper technology dental fillings or poorly executed prosthetics. If after installing the prosthesis in the gum appeared pain, swollen gums and red – immediately contact your dentist. When inflammation of the gums the removal of teeth or improper treatment, a dentist at no extra charge should treat the consequences of medical error.